Alignment: Impossible with H&R springs?

Jacob Michaels jalexmichaels at
Mon Jun 9 19:43:02 EDT 2003

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My recently purchased 200q20v has H&R springs with newish OE shocks.  Tires in
front show excessive inner tread wear. Seems like an alignment needed to be
done, but I hesitated about exactly what to do after I read posts and other
info about the alignment problems associated with these cars, especially with
lowering springs installed.

After absorbing this information, it is hard for me not to conclude that it is
almost impossible to achieve a proper alignment with these springs installed.
And that the only recourse if I want to keep these springs is some sort of
aftermarket device like Bernie's controversial strut brace.  What are people's
opinions?  I do have the OE springs. Should I ditch the H&Rs?


200q20v, 1987.5 coupe, 2001 Passat Wagon

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