Hydraulic Pump Rebuild

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Here is my BTDT. My local wrench taught me this. I replaced all the plugs
and O-ring using a large screwdriver. It was easy and I didn't have to buy
any special drag link tools either. Remember, you don't have to worry about
destroying plugs because you get new plugs as part of the replacement kits
(at least in Sweden you do).

Take the largest, flat blade screwdriver you have and a mallet. Fix the pump
firmly or have someone hold it on the ground. Angle the screwdriver blade so
that it rests on the edge of the groove. Bang the screwdriver with the
mallet. The idea is to create a counter clockwise rotational jolt on the
plug. You have 4 surfaces to use and the grooves are pretty deep so you can
give it a good whack. The plug may not look like it has budged sometimes.
But you will have freed up the threads. Then use the screwdriver to turn the
plugs out. It worked like a dream on all my plugs.



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Hey gang,

Pulled the pump out yesterday and started trying to disasemble the pump to
replace seals.  Had a real hard time with the x-caps.  I had a drag-link
socket, but I was unable to secure the pump well enough to be able to turn
the caps out.  I went searching a bit today, hoping I could find a
"phillips-head" shaped drag link, but I think I was dreaming on that one.
Somebody suggested bolting the pump back to the car, but in that case you
can't get at most of the caps.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to work around this problem?  Just
force?  A new pump is 280'ish...280 I'm not really ready to spend right now.

Derek P

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