Alignment: Impossible with H&R springs?

Djdawson2 at Djdawson2 at
Mon Jun 9 16:17:26 EDT 2003

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Sounds like you're suffering from either excessive negative camber or toe
out, or possibly both.  Both are possible to fix, the camber situation may be
more difficult, however.  You will need to enhance stock camber adjustability by
either increasing the size of the slots on the upper mount plate, or replacing
them with adjustable camber plates.

Keep in mind, some cars will not need to be modified WRT camber adjustments.
I lowered mine, and still had adequate adjustability without resorting to
plates or slot mods.

Bottom line... you'll never know until you get it on a rack.  See what you've
got, then fix whatever needs to be fixed.  No need to toss the H&Rs if you
like them.
Good luck, and HTH,

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