Hydraulic Pump Rebuild

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 9 15:33:21 EDT 2003

True that on what I received as well; aka no new caps.

So, got the caps off (care of cold chisel and hammer ala Bernie Benz), and
the pump split open, now can anybody provide some info on how to get the
drive-shaft portion out of the body?  You know, the part that attaches to
the pulley.  Kit included a new shaft seal for that portion, and I'd like to
replace that as well.

Also figured out that new o-rings for the external pentosin unions are not
included with the kit.  Looks like time for 1-800 University Audi.

Derek P

>At 08:50 PM 06/09/2003 +0200, Richard Tanimura wrote:
>>Here is my BTDT. My local wrench taught me this. I replaced all the plugs
>>and O-ring using a large screwdriver. It was easy and I didn't have to buy
>>any special drag link tools either. Remember, you don't have to worry
>>destroying plugs because you get new plugs as part of the replacement kits
>>(at least in Sweden you do).
>New caps are not part of the seals kit available in the US.

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