Alignment: Impossible with H&R springs?

ben swann benswann at
Tue Jun 10 00:22:43 EDT 2003


I am about to do the same thing - I have the H&Rs too.  Was hoping to
roll several jobs into one: Strut tower Bearings(left shot); Wheel
Bearings(Right going); Struts intalling Bilstien;  and round 2 of
Brakes, this time installing new UFOs and Mintek red pads.  Hope this
will cure the vibration, brake shimmy, bearing noise and improper
steering and tracking due to tower bearing seize.  I don't know what is
worse the pulling to left one minut and to the right the next
(dangerous) or the annoying bearing (maybe tires) noise.

What is the source of the camber plates?  Maybe I can get these before
I do the job, though was hoping to knock it out tommorrow before some

Is the only problem alignment/tire wear?  How does it effect handling?

How far out of spec is it?

Can the camber plates be installed after I do all of the strut work,
without removing the assemblies a second time?  I hate to rush a job,
and like to have all my ducks lined up when I do these combined jobs.
But in the interest of safety this needs to be done right away.  So
hoping I can slip in the plates later without too much trouble.

Oh - what are you running in the rear.  I plan to do complementary H&R
springs + koni reds(adjustable) or was it yellow - the firmer of the


[I have the same tire wear issues. I just ordered a pair of ECS camber
plates. I'll let you know how they work out when I get them installed
in a few weeks. Also planning to add the Benz brace as well, but that
may be a couple of months out due to time constraints right now.

I hope they work because I gave my stock springs to a I
really like the "non-boat" feel of the H&R's.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina
'91 200q20v, H&R's w/Bilstein sports
'87 GTI, H&R's w/Boge tg]

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