Alignment: Impossible with H&R springs?

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Mon Jun 9 22:42:02 EDT 2003

Ben, unsolicited comment below.


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> Subject: RE: Alignment: Impossible with H&R springs?
> Steve,
> I am about to do the same thing - I have the H&Rs too.  Was hoping to
> roll several jobs into one: Strut tower Bearings(left shot);
ST bearings on the 44 chassis don't "get shot".  The get dry and need
cleaning and relube.  a zero parts cost job.

> Wheel Bearings(Right going);
They are either good, or bad, only inspection will tell, but over 150K all
could use a relube.
>Struts intalling Bilstien;
The concenisus chioce, but IMO not the best, so why?

> and round 2 of Brakes, this time installing new UFOs and Mintek red pads.
>Hope this will cure the vibration, brake shimmy, bearing noise and improper
> steering and tracking due to tower bearing seize.
Sounds most optimumistic to me.  No caliper overhaul and system bleed

>I don't know what is
> worse the pulling to left one minut and to the right the next
> (dangerous) or the annoying bearing (maybe tires) noise.
Noises are not in of themselves dangerous.  Just hang on!
> What is the source of the camber plates?  Maybe I can get these before
> I do the job, though was hoping to knock it out tommorrow before some
> roadtrips.
If you don't know what you may need the camber plates to correct, its a fat
wallet item.
> Is the only problem alignment/tire wear?  How does it effect handling?>
> How far out of spec is it?
> Can the camber plates be installed after I do all of the strut work,
> without removing the assemblies a second time?  I hate to rush a job,
> and like to have all my ducks lined up when I do these combined jobs.
> But in the interest of safety this needs to be done right away.  So
> hoping I can slip in the plates later without too much trouble.
No trouble, no good, no help, unless you know why they are needed.
> Oh - what are you running in the rear.  I plan to do complementary H&R
> springs + koni reds(adjustable) or was it yellow - the firmer of the
> two.
Not a bad choice, if you adjust them properly, few do.

(Sarcastic comment can be avoided if personal Qs are copied to the list)

> Ben
> [I have the same tire wear issues. I just ordered a pair of ECS camber
> plates. I'll let you know how they work out when I get them installed
> in a few weeks. Also planning to add the Benz brace as well, but that
> may be a couple of months out due to time constraints right now.
> I hope they work because I gave my stock springs to a I
> really like the "non-boat" feel of the H&R's.
> Steve Hauptmann
> South Carolina
> '91 200q20v, H&R's w/Bilstein sports
> '87 GTI, H&R's w/Boge tg]
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