Blau Kits Beware

BriceW at BriceW at
Wed Jun 11 01:18:08 EDT 2003

I now will not order anymore kits fom Blau.
The 1st kit I ordered was the cluster light kit. It came with approx. 6
to 8 bulbs. Anytime you do the cluster you want to replace ALL the
bulbs. The sheet they sent with this kit also didnt specify where the
new orange and black bulbs should go. You had to guess. It was a total
waste on money. I ordered the real kit from Scott at Autotechnik for
less money and he provided all the bulbs (approx 20 or more)
with a diagram where each bulb went.
This cost me time and money.
The 2nd kit I ordered was the cooling hose kit. They didnt include the
hose directly under under the hydraulic pump. I had to catch a ride to
Auto Zone to find something that would work. The hose into the heater
valve was not the right hose as one end was 3/8 and the other end was
smaller. I wasted an hour on that and had to find something that would
work from new cut to length hose at Auto Zone.
They put hose clamps on each end of the hoses in this kit. Almost half
of the hose clamps in this kit were to small. When you went to loosen
the clamp to be able to put it over the connection the clamp would come
apart of course. No way to reinsert a small clamp when the hose is on. I
went to Auto Zone to get new bigger clamps.
That cost me time and money.
The 3rd kit was the radiator mount kit.
The 2 big mounts looked OEM but the 6 or so small mounts were these
pieces of junk black rubber with a very thin metal plate on each side.
They were also thicker than the OEM and didnt fit properly. The rubber
would twist a bunch when I tightened them. I did the radiator and the
aux. They looked like some very cheap Chinese knockoff. I was hacked
off. The OEM mounts have that hard rubber with the thick gold cap.
This cost me time and money as I will get the OEM for the upper and the
I complained to Blau politely after each of these instances. They took
down my complaints and my phone no. I havent got a call from them or a
credit of any kind.
They will lose more and more business by trying to cut corners on small
stuff. I dont trust them anymore.
I am becoming Mr. OEM only.
When you are doing a repair you are and get the parts in you are stuck
using the crap parts unless you have a backup car.
I need to spend some time and get my backup car running.
I will now only buy from TPC and from Scott at Autotechnik.

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