Radiators & Cooling system

BriceW at webtv.net BriceW at webtv.net
Wed Jun 11 01:51:35 EDT 2003

I finshed the radiator replacement last week. I replaced the radiator
with a new crap Nissens all metal. (See my previous post on this piece
of junk.) A new AKG aux radiator. New mounts.
All new switches expansion tank,heater valve, clamps and hoses.
The water pump and the aux water pump were changed in the last year.
I have not changed the heater hoses yet and plan to do those in a few
days. The heater core is fine and hopefully will stay that way for the
next few years.
The item that took me the longest was the little hose directly under the
P/S pump. I didnt want to take the pump off as I plan to do the
hydraulic system next. The miniature 10MM wrench came in handy as did my
stubby set.
Getting the hoses from the main radiator to the aux was a chore. It was
hard to remember how that plastic wall fit in and the hoses through it.
It took me a few trys to refigure that out.
Getting everything out was easier for me than putting everything back
Those magnetic Craftsman containers came in handy.
If I did it again I would bag and tag everything. It only takes a few
extra minutes but would have saved a lot of time in reassembly.
I cleaned out the IC as a lister here had instructed. I discovered that
mine had no o-ring at all. I washed it out good and only got 1 bug that
came out of it! I soaked it in the bathtub with hot soapy water then ran
pressure water in the hose outside through it. I had a new o-ring and
some Mobil-1 synthetic grease and got it back on. I dont see how this
o-ring really seals
it as the inserts dont really pull it up totally tight to the o-ring. I
have been driving all this time without an o-ring.
The whole job took me 15 hours.
I am very slow.

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