Stay Blue Dont Go Red Coolant

BriceW at BriceW at
Wed Jun 11 03:57:00 EDT 2003

Re-doing my cooling system I was going to switch to the red Audi
I checked with 5 of the best places in town including established
radiator shops to do a thorough flush with distilled water and air
pressure per the Audi service bulletin.
To my suprise no one could do such a flush and the Audi dealer could do
it but wanted $111.00 to do it.
I got bad reports from all 5 places on the red coolant. Not specifically
the Audi red coolant but it has to be similiar.
GM cars are having a warranty nightmare with the red coolant as it is
eating engines. I heard this from mechanics and radiator shops. And this
is not people who have added the red to older cars but on new cars that
come from factory with the red.
I learned that there is a raging debate on this in the coolant
Scott has the service bulletin from Audi on is site but he will not put
the red in a car that was blue. If there is the slightest residue of the
blue and you put the red in, it can cause severe engine damage.
It is not worth the hassle or the chance.
I also heard of the dangers of the red from the guys at the local Audi
parts dept.

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