Alignment: Impossible with H&R springs?

Wed Jun 11 05:24:21 EDT 2003

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I'll make the presumption that if you can put in H&R "kit" you are competent
enough to mess around with spring rates and shock valving.  Just buying Konis
means you can "mess around with shock valving" by definition.  I don't agree
with your conclusion, or the inherent argument that H&R and Eibach "do know
what they're doing". "Down" in any audi chassis causes bumpsteer problems pretty
quickly, that's just plain math, and specific to this list, causes immediate
camber issues.  "Lower" is the easy way to get better "perceived" handling
because of a lower COG.  IME/O a suspension should be tuned to how you drive and
the complete hardware (wheels/tires/springs/dampers/bushings/ASB/etc).

Accepting the bumpsteer problems associated with "lower is better" mentality
isn't a necessary part of the handling equation.  After 10 years of driving
and tweeking audi suspensions, I'm convinced that lowering creates more
compromises than it solves.  Put another way, there are more creative ways to get
better handling that don't require camber plates.

And I argue, there is no "wrong" way to go about suspension tuning in terms
of mix and matching springs/dampers, there is only better or worse than what
audi delivered from the factory, given your hardware, desires and use.

The long version of what Bernie put forth in his email.

My .02
Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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Point being that if you don't know what you're doing (I mean really know what
 you're doing), you shouldn't mess around with spring rates and shock
 can get you in trouble.


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Completely agree Bernie.  My accumulation of springs/shocks and applications
has forced me to fabricate outside the norm, cuz I have em.  I thoroughly
enjoy a properly tuned quattro suspension that ISN'T lowered.  You don't need to
go "down" to gain performance.  Changing the front rear spring/damper rate is
one good way to avoid that bag and tag H&R/Eibach 'thing'.

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This sounds like "can lead to" and "might bite you" speculation, without


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