Dont Get The Nissens Radiator

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FWIW- I recently bought a Nissens from a local radiator distributor and
because of this list was very careful while prepping it for install.  I ran
a tap thru every mounting hole.  I had no problems.


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> I finished installing the Nissens all metal radiator last week.
> I was very disappointed in the quality.
> The black paint was already flaking off and it looked like an amateur
> paint job.
> The worst thing was when I went to put in the new mounts. I was cautious
> as I heard that there had been problems so I hand tightened them in
> slowly. You had to go slow as it was very tight. I was lucky as I only
> broke off 1 off the so called captive inserts on one of the big mounts
> closest to the wheel. You cant get the mount out of the radiator once
> the insert breaks. Those inserts are the cheapest things I have ever
> seen.
> Rod at TPC says he has got reports on over 10 bad inserts. One guy sent
> the 2 radiators with the mounts in it. TPC ate the cost. The rep for
> Nissens says that the installers are doing something wrong. Give me a
> break! The monnts just wiggle loose all over the lace once the insert
> breaks. Its only a screw thrad with a cheap weld to attach it. You woud
> have to actually see it to believe it.
> I called one knowledgeable lister from here who had installed this
> radiator. He had installed his with 2 inserts busted. I believe that
> they were both the big insert mounts.
> I needed my car as I didnt have a backup.
> I would not have bought the Nissens if I had known this. Rod at TPC
> would have let me send the Nissens back and exchange it for the OEM. TPC
> is considering ceasing to sell the Nissens. They should. They are a
> great parts resource.
> I also replaced the aux radiator with a new OEM AKG. The difference in
> quality and fit between the Nissens and the AKG was like night and day.
> I hate having this piece of garbage in my car.
> My advice is to get the OEM AKG as it will last 10 to 12 years and just
> dont overtighten the hose clamps. I now wished that was what I had done.
> I always thought that Swedish parts were quality. I now know better.
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