Dont Get The Nissens Radiator

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I also installed a Nissen and had good luck, the bottom mount holes were
tight, but with patience and prior knowledge from this list I was very
careful. I got my radiator from Scott at SJM and have told him of the
problems of others. He said he would check the lower mount holes before
shipping any Nissen radiators

91 200 tq 20v Avant

Brandon Rogers wrote:

>FWIW- I recently bought a Nissens from a local radiator distributor and
>because of this list was very careful while prepping it for install.  I ran
>a tap thru every mounting hole.  I had no problems.
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>>I finished installing the Nissens all metal radiator last week.
>>I was very disappointed in the quality.
>>The black paint was already flaking off and it looked like an amateur
>>paint job.
>>The worst thing was when I went to put in the new mounts. I was cautious
>>as I heard that there had been problems so I hand tightened them in
>>slowly. You had to go slow as it was very tight. I was lucky as I only
>>broke off 1 off the so called captive inserts on one of the big mounts
>>closest to the wheel. You cant get the mount out of the radiator once
>>the insert breaks. Those inserts are the cheapest things I have ever
>>Rod at TPC says he has got reports on over 10 bad inserts. One guy sent
>>the 2 radiators with the mounts in it. TPC ate the cost. The rep for
>>Nissens says that the installers are doing something wrong. Give me a
>>break! The monnts just wiggle loose all over the lace once the insert
>>breaks. Its only a screw thrad with a cheap weld to attach it. You woud
>>have to actually see it to believe it.
>>I called one knowledgeable lister from here who had installed this
>>radiator. He had installed his with 2 inserts busted. I believe that
>>they were both the big insert mounts.
>>I needed my car as I didnt have a backup.
>>I would not have bought the Nissens if I had known this. Rod at TPC
>>would have let me send the Nissens back and exchange it for the OEM. TPC
>>is considering ceasing to sell the Nissens. They should. They are a
>>great parts resource.
>>I also replaced the aux radiator with a new OEM AKG. The difference in
>>quality and fit between the Nissens and the AKG was like night and day.
>>I hate having this piece of garbage in my car.
>>My advice is to get the OEM AKG as it will last 10 to 12 years and just
>>dont overtighten the hose clamps. I now wished that was what I had done.
>>I always thought that Swedish parts were quality. I now know better.
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