Rads and cooling system - Great Solution!

GSTREIN at aol.com GSTREIN at aol.com
Wed Jun 11 13:43:01 EDT 2003

Jerry Wrote :"They looked up the rad in their  book of rads, and found one identical to the OEM, but in metal, except for the attachment for the aux rad. No problem they said; when the rad arrived, they welded on the proper fitting. I now have an all metal rad that is the equivalent  of the factory unit."

Very Valid Point - there are still a few "true" radiator specialists around that can do just about anything with their skills. This would be a preferred solution if you have such a radiator repair facility in your area.  You can sometimes ask Truckers where they get their 18 wheelers serviced and find good shops that deal with custom radiator repair/servicing.

Perhaps Jerry would share the name of the shop and a contact phone # for the Radiator Shop he had custom make the unit for his vehicle.  If it is the same design as Jerry's they could probably custom build and ship it out.

Thanks Jerry for the great info. and a very good solution!


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