2 Bennett camber plates

Steven Hauptmann hauptmanns at llr.sc.gov
Wed Jun 11 14:05:27 EDT 2003

I understand that the 2 Bennett plates which use a spherical bushing, have
some SERIOUS road noise issues that may not be acceptable for many street

I hope the ECS problem you speak of is isolated. I'll let you know as I
already own them but have yet to do the install.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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I have heard from one reliable source that the 2Bennett camber plates, while
more expensive, are definately worth the extra dough$$$. Apparently the ECS
camber plates are prone to a problem. Some experience binding at/near full
steering lock either way. ECS's solution...loosen the top strut nut!!! I
think not. Just my two cents (well not really as I learned this from
somebody else).

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> Ben,
> <<What is the source of the camber plates?>>
> I got the camber plates from ECS tuning.
> http://www.ecstuning.com/s4s6camberplatespage.htm
> <<Is the only problem alignment/tire wear?  How does it effect handling?>>
> Seems too much negative camber effects tire wear and straight line
> at speed. Not sure beyond that.
> <<How far out of spec is it?  >>
> My camber was neg 1.7 on the drivers side and neg 0.4 on the passenger
> From what I gather from other listers, many cars (but not all) cannot have
> the alignment set to acceptable camber limits when they are lowered, ie
> springs, due to too much negative camber. So in an attempt to correct
> and introduce more positive camber, I'm going to install the ECS camber
> plates.
> To install them on a type 44 (they were actually designed for the C4
> cars, ECS modified spring perches must be used as well as the C4 strut
> bearings and strut mounts.
> <<Can the camber plates be installed after I do all of the strut work,
> without removing the assemblies a second time?>>
> I have not even looked at the plates yet, but from what I understand the
> strut will have to be removed from the car. I believe the only part of
> that can be replaced from up top is the strut mount.
> The positive side to deciding to wait and do all this at once is that the
> strut mounts are considerably cheaper than the ones for the 200q20v (if
> thought of replacing them) and the bearings cost the about the same as
> for our cars(of course this assumes you were planning to replace your old
> bearings rather than cleaning and regreasing). I sourced the parts from
> at TPC, strut mounts for $32 each, and the strut bearings were $11 each.
> <<Oh - what are you running in the rear.>>
> I have H&R springs and Bilstein sport on both front and rear.
> Hope this helps,
> Steve Hauptmann
> South Carolina
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