Hydraulic hell

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Jun 11 15:12:26 EDT 2003

At 11:28 AM 06/11/2003 -0600, Brian Link wrote:

>My problem is a common one; the brake light stays on longer than normal
>after start-up.
>25+ assisted brake pumps with the car off.  I assume a good bomb.
>Here is the part I need help with: I checked the hydraulic fluid
>reservoir and it was pretty low, an inch below the min line.  I checked
>for leaks and could not find a single one.  So I topped it off and went
>on my way.  No more light for a day.  Then the light came back and
>stayed on for a long time.  I checked the reservoir last night and the
>level was way above the max line.  So I took some fluid out, started her
>up and watched the level for 5 minutes.  Seemed okay, except this
>morning the fluid was way low again.
>Could this be the volcano syndrome?  Could this be a bad master

The pentosin volcano is a frothing and spilling over of the oil from the
reservoir that results from the pump mixing air in with the oil as it
pressurizes it.  Its cause is an air leak INTO the oil, sometimes from hose
connection to the pump and sometimes from the front seal of the pump failing.

Sounds like you have a leak somewhere.  Give the engine compartment a good
cleaning and you'll probably be able to spot what's leaking.  It can be the
hoses or the pump itself.

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