Bump Steer, What Next?

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no disagreement whatsoever.  My favorite was a S car that was close to six
figures.  Guy bagged it, bought a 930T full race spec and no longer has cars
passing him on the inside.

Now, for you audi freaks...  One of the best quattros to tweek for the track
is a 5ktq.  Scott M runs one, I often share the ride in one.  Cheap thrills,
boatloads of parts, and a 2700lb stripped weight is possible (btdt).
Absolutely nothing passed this car in the rain at grattan last year, WITH only 6psi

Bill is on the right track.  Enjoy a street car for what it is, you start
slamming and boosting, stuff breaks.  Major bummer when this is the primary ride.
 Double bummer when the wife avoid riding with you in it.

Scott Justusson
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For all you wannabe race car owner/drivers, here's the hot set-up. Put your
money into a trailer hitch, find an old Formula Vee, or Formula Ford. These
nice Audis are and will always be street cars, nice street cars. They make a
nice tow rig. Think about all the cash we all have spent tweaking these cars.
Think about stuffing a 3800 lbs car into some armco at your local track. Now
what? Fix it? Spent the next year plucking, pimping parts off your wreak?
Find an
other shell, swap it all over? It's not worth it!! BTDT, all but the armco
bit. I ran an IT car in SCCA. Have prepped many a "race car." I've seen
customers poor tons of hours, cash into a street car, "race car," and go and
turn them into junk in one off. I've seen friends die. The IT car I ran was a
BMW. My shop always had a ton of spares for my car. Never crashed the BMW,
broke a boat load parts, but that's what happens with street cars on race
Then came a Formula Ford. Real race car, real fast, real cheep to run, and
can adjust everything, like bump steer. Ran FF for 9 years. Made it to the
Runoffs 6 years. Two engines the whole time, could go a whole season on one
of brake pads, never changed rotors, made some of the best friends I've ever
known, and went really freeken fast! I had some big wreaks, just bolted on
parts, latched on some new fiberglass, never missed a race, never hurt
stuffing a 900 lbs purpose built race car. Think about how much your Audi
cost to
buy, how much do you want/have already spent. How much? How fast do you want
go? FV,s used, @ $5k turn key (sure) . CF, @ 7.5 k, FF (older) @ $10k, FF
(national car) @$17k +. Trailer hitch $125.00 One of my street cars is a well
sorted, 91 200 20v Avant. I went to Pocono once to do a time trial with the
Yea, it was real fast, but it really hurt, hurt me to push a street car that
hard. If that car was my dog or wife, it would have run away for good after
that pounding.

         Bill Ferdon

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