Alignment: Impossible with H&R springs?

Thu Jun 12 11:13:14 EDT 2003

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Lots of options available.  Not sure what "acceptable for a daily driver
duty" is to a non customer.  If you really want to get what you want, you can do
it without anyone's help, buy a couple of books and math it out.

If you like the compromises that audi put in the stock suspension, leave it,
add good dampers and go plus 2.  The compromise is a stock 200q20v when you
switch to snow tires in winter.  Not such a bad thing.

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Where does one get springs of different stiffnesses for a 10v or 20v Type
44 that maintain stock ride height?

Are these acceptable for daily driver duty?  I want to improve things
without concerns of spring corrosion failures or making the car ride

I have not touched the springs in any of my cars because I do not want to
lower them, but the only springs I know about are designed to lower the

I have too many opportunities to scrape things in my world to mess around
lowering the car, not to mention that I know what bump steer felt like in
my old modified 1987 VW GTI and I do not want to repeat that in my Audis.
I always felt that the old VW GTI was ruined when it was lowered - I even
bought a set of stock springs to put in it, but I sold the car before
changing it back to stock.  Maybe I drive more marginal roads where I need
to corner over rough pavement more often than other people, but I found it
extremely disconcerting to encounter bump steer entering or in the middle
of a corner.  Oh, and there is that snow thing we have too.  It is much
easier to use the benefits of quattro in snow if the car is high enough to
actually drive in snow.  Maybe I encounter more rural snow (read delays
before snowplowed) than other people.

So, if you could point me toward some reasonably priced NON-lowering
springs that are suitable for full weather daily driver use, I would be
most appreciative.

I liked your comment about the 5ktq as a dedicated track car.  That has
been in the back of my mind for some time.  Maybe I will time to pursue
that someday.  As cheap as 5ktq's sell today, it seems like you could get
the car set up and strip excess weight for a relative bargain.  It is
still a rather large car, but much lighter and more reasonable than
tracking a stock 1991 200q 20v.  Porsche 944's have always looked like a
good track car to me as well.  OTOH, I suppose there is an appeal for
testing the limits of your daily driver too.

Eric Kissell
Tiffin, OH

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