Alignment: Impossible with H&R springs?

Thu Jun 12 11:55:45 EDT 2003

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Michigan is brutal!  Whacked 2 of my Borbets 2 weeks ago with a STOCK
suspension!  I used to prorally and autox a full caged 81 Scirocco.  Thos A1/2/3
chassis are renouned for bumpsteer problems.  Just like the audis, after you go
down so far, bumpsteer and tramlining take away the lower COG gains quickly.

The nice thing about the t44q is they start out with decent suspension

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Eric_R_Kissell at writes:

Have you always lived and driven in South Carolina?

My experience in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan with that GTI was that the
suspension ran out of travel too frequently and the car was too low for
many situations.

As we say, YMMV  :-)


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