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Thu Jun 12 11:21:16 EDT 2003

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Hi all-
Here's a fun one.  I'm trying to get my gauges/senders sorted on my '84 urq=
 20V conversion.  Here's the problem:  The 3B oil temp sender is a M22x1.5 =
thread 0-180C sender (equates to ~ 350F).  Aftermarket gauges, according to= (where I purchased some VDO gauges a couple years ago) come in=
 300F.  I have a 150C sender in my WX motor, but it's M18x1.5.  (thanks Aud=
i! (sarcasm)).  Does anybody know of a M22x1.5 sender in a 150C range??  I =
couldn't find anything in TFA yet.  I guess the only other desirable option=
 would be make a shim so the M18x1.5 sender could be used in the M22x1.5 ho=
le.  The last option is to hook up the 180C sender to 150C gauge and figure=
 out the discrepancy.  I don't want to do this.

Also, regarding water temp.  I believe the water temp gauge  signal comes f=
rom the MFTS, correct?  Can somebody confirm its temperature range?

Thanks very much for any help.



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