Jonas Majauskas jmajau at
Thu Jun 12 19:44:28 EDT 2003

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Brandon Rogers wrote:

> Here's a fun one.  I'm trying to get my gauges/senders sorted on my '84
> urq 20V conversion.  Here's the problem:  The 3B oil temp sender is a
> M22x1.5 thread 0-180C sender (equates to ~ 350F).  Aftermarket gauges,
> according to (where I purchased some VDO gauges a couple
> years ago) come in 300F.  I have a 150C sender in my WX motor, but it's
> M18x1.5.  (thanks Audi! (sarcasm)).  Does anybody know of a M22x1.5
> sender in a 150C range??  I couldn't find anything in TFA yet.  I guess
> the only other desirable option would be make a shim so the M18x1.5
> sender could be used in the M22x1.5 hole.  The last option is to hook up
> the 180C sender to 150C gauge and figure out the discrepancy.  I don't
> want to do this.

Maybe a simple resistor or two will solve your problem ? BTW, are you sure
that even if ranges for sensor and gauge are the same, then the sensor
resistance will meet the gauge expectations ? For example, sensor will be
1000 Ohm at 70C, but gauge will show 120C when there is 1000 Ohm at input.

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