2004 A8 L

Ted Fisher fisherwc at pacbell.net
Thu Jun 12 10:48:17 EDT 2003

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This is a piece I put together to do a quick intro of the 2004 A8 L for
a mixed audience. I hope you enjoy it. For those of you that are
interested, come see me at Sonnen for a more detailed tour of this
fantastic automobile.

Ted Fisher
Audi Product Specialist
Sonnen Motorcars, Marin, CA.

PS, We have a 2003 S6 Avant, Black on Black, 3000 miles, for those that
just can't get enough. .

Good Evening, I would like to introduce you to the new Audi A8 L.

This award winning luxury sedan pushes the competition aside with the
innovative use of Alcoa aluminum through out the chassis, body and
suspension. This combination of light and strong, matched with a
powerful 330 horse V8, is the reason why this latest offering from Audi
is winning accolades for its luxury, power and unheard of nimbleness in
a luxury car of this stature.

The new A8 L uses the legendary Quattro system, a 4th generation AWD
system that is almost magical in the way it handles snow and ice. It's
ability to give a sense of confidence in road holding the rest of the
year is so superior that it has been out law'd in competition. All of
this is controlled by a 6 speed Tiptronic automatic transmission that
allows quick responsiveness and excellent mileage whether you are
looking for a parking spot or cruising to your favorite getaway spot.

Headed to the mountains or down the valley, the adaptive air suspension
with its four cockpit selectable settings will always make sure that the
drive is comfortable. Set to the highest mode the system will raise the
car so that the deepest snow or roughest road becomes nothing more than
an interesting dinner tale. Use the Dynamic mode with its lower and
firmer stance and the A8 L becomes the vehicle of choice for a quick
trip up the coast. Selecting the Standard or Automatic modes allows
dynamic interaction for some of the quietest and smoothest travel you'll
ever experience.

Inside the cockpit (a car this fast should require a FAA license) the
pilot/driver will find an intuitive Multi Media Interface. The MMI
system allows complete command of all the vehicle functions (radio, CD,
GPS navigation, phone, personalized car setup and cockpit light control)
in a tactile, easy to use system with a minimum of driver distraction.
The system displays on a pop up center mounted video screen that is
light sensitive, changing backlight sensitivity depending on time of
day. And if you make a mistake, the system has a prominent return button
that will take you back where you started. Did someone say "Kansas"?

A car this enjoyable has to be comfortable. With 16-way power seats you
find that the seats are very accommodating and include power shoulder
and headrest adjustments. You can even get a built in masseuse. If you
always thought Audis heated seats where the cat's meow on a cold
morning, on a hot day try the optional front seat ventilation system
that forces cool air through tiny pores in the leather. And there is no
more fighting over the interior temperature. No matter which seat you're
in, front or rear, left or right, you can have your own climate control.
And rear seat passengers not only enjoy unheard of legroom; they can
even enjoy their own ceiling mounted vanity mirrors.

The A8 L is loaded with safety features. Front and rear crush zones
designed to protect the occupants in an accident. Side intrusion beams
mounted in all the doors. Twelve front and side airbags that supplement
the seatbelt system. A tire monitoring system that keeps track of the
tire pressure and automatically warns when a tire is loosing air. High
and low beam self-leveling Xenon headlights that combine with
superbright treadsetting LED taillight assembles to make sure you can be
see coming or going. Add Fog lights front and rear for those days when
the tulle fog is playing hide and seek. An Anti Lock Brake system with
power assist for emergency stopping situations makes sure that braking
control is never a problem. Optional double thickness side windows for
security and noise reduction. And on and on.

As you can see, this beautiful sedan with it's eye catching design,
spacious interior and innovative features offers the finest in high end
luxury car touring. Plus did I tell you it has the highest residual
values of any car made, period. If you have any questions please feel
free to talk to one of our Sonnen Motorcar Audi Product Specialist.

 Thank you.


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