Alignment: Impossible with H&R springs?

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Thu Jun 12 14:15:18 EDT 2003


<<"Lower" is the easy way to get better "perceived" handling because of a
lower COG.>>

Are you saying that center of gravity does not affect the way a car handles
anymore than a perception?

I'll add my bit here.  I think what he's saying, and what you're hearing are
two different things.  He's not saying COG does not affect handling, but
that there are other factors that come into play that tend to minimize the
effect that COG adjustments have in the overall handling equation.  IE
geometry, relative spring rates, compression/rebound, roll stiffness, etc.
COG is also part, but not the only part, and if in focusing on COG
exclusively, a sacrfice is made in the other factors, you may wind up with
no net gain.  Sure, you may see racing setup cars riding low, but they
function in a completely different realm.

I'd also be interested to see more on Bernie's idea that change of lowering
car by an inch or so does not make much difference in COG.  IE, where is the
center of gravity located on the vehicle, and from there we could use %'s to
figure relative contributions.  But, since I'm not planning on designing
suspensions at this point, I'll leave it as idle speculation.

Derek Pulvino

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