ECS Camber Plate install

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Thu Jun 12 17:56:48 EDT 2003

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Today I completed the install of the ECS S4/S6 Camber Correction plates on a
H&R/Bilstein equipped 200q20v.

 To install these plates on a Type 44 or 90/91 V8 you'll need to upgrade a
few parts at the same time.  (92-94 V8s already have these parts)

Washer             4A0 412 145   x2
Strut mount       4A0 412 377B  x2
Strut Bearing      4A0 412 249    x2
Retainer            4A0 412 339A  x2
Spring Damper   4A0 411 109    x2

 All of these parts can be found on any 92-97 100/A6 and ALL are REQUIRED.

 Nice to have parts are the 92< strut bushing covers, the older ones will not
fit correctly when you're finished. The dust ring that fits between the
spring damper and spring seat, the existing one doesnt fit for the same reason the
existing spring damper doesnt fit.

 You'll also want to swipe the upper spring seats from the donating car for
return to ECS so you can get your $50 core charge back.

 The install is very straight forward, all parts are a direct swap for the
existing components. The only modification needed is to trim some metal from the
strut towers to give clearance for the revised strut bushing location.

 Before install the closest the drivers side could be adjusted was 1.2 neg.
The passengers side could get to .8 neg.

 After install with both sides set to max neg the rough measurement comes out
to .5 neg on both sides.

 The car goes on the rack for alignment tomorrow morning and I'll post a
follow-up with the final results.


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