ECS Camber Plate install "Final"

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Fri Jun 13 16:24:07 EDT 2003

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> Subject: Re: ECS Camber Plate install "Final"
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>> IMO and by my spec, camber should have been left equal, both 0.0 preferred
>> or both -0.3 if necessary.
> Audi says .5 neg +/- .5,  what spec are you using? Are you compensating for
> your weight in the drivers seat during your alignments? How are you accounting
> for road crown induced drift?
> Keith
I said "by my spec".  IMO all mfgrs specs are designed for the mentality of
the monkeys that use the align machines, as is the design of the machines
themselves.  So tires wear faster and the cust comes back for new tires and
another allignment, good business?  Castor is the better place to correct
for special conditions.  Why I have long ago resorted to doing my own


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