ECS Camber Plate install "Final"

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sat Jun 14 08:38:02 EDT 2003

> From: DasWolfen at

> b.benz at writes:
>> I said "by my spec".  IMO all mfgrs specs are designed for the mentality of
>> the monkeys that use the align machines, as is the design of the machines
>> themselves.  So tires wear faster and the cust comes back for new tires and
>> another allignment, good business?  Castor is the better place to correct
>> for special conditions.  Why I have long ago resorted to doing my own
>> alignments.
> Bernie,
> Most of us dont care to do alignments, on our own cars or anyone else's.
> Some have lowered cars and like them that way with the exception of the camber
> issue. The post was meant to promote a better understanding of one way of
> dealing with the camber issue. It was never intended to serve as yet another
> soapbox
> for your criticism of auto manufacturers, alignment shops/techs, or preaching
> the wonder of your skills.
> Keith


I'm sure that many on the list, me included, found your posts on this thread
interesting and further, did not consider it to be your bragging about your
instal expertise.  But likewise, if you can not tolerate critique and
differing opinion, don't post to the list.


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