no oil pressure??

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Sun Jun 15 10:32:59 EDT 2003

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Hi all-
Dennis posted for me WRT this issue last night but I wanted to follow up.  =
I have several questions so hopefully you can help.

As he said, we cranked the engine without the coil wire attached in order t=
o build oil pressure first.  The gauge is a VDO, fairly new-I had it hooked=
 up to the WX motor and it worked fine.  I also swapped the VDO dual sender=
 that I was previously using.  Upon cranking, the gauge is showing no oil p=
ressure buildup at all.  When we ground the wire that goes to the gauge-the=
 gauge pegs at ~5+ BAR.  Does this mean the gauge is definitely functioning=
 properly?  or is there still a possiblity it's not getting the proper sign=
al?  Going through the 200 20V Bentley last night-it showd a picture of the=
 oil pressure sender/switch.  It showed the switch (single ouput) on the up=
per fitting and the sender (dual) on the lower fitting.  This motor had the=
m swapped.  I don't see how that could matter--thoughts?  Isn't pressure- p=
ressure-regardless of which hole the measurement is taken from?

If the gauge is correct and I'm not getting oil pressure--what could cause =
this?  Mike Hopton--didn't you have an oil pressure issue when you installe=
d the 3B?  When getting the motor ready for transplant, here's what I did t=
hat I'm thinking could possibly cause a problem.  I did remove the oil pan =
in order to install a S6 windage tray.  This did require unbolting the oil =
suctionline.  But I know I re-attached it and tightend those bolts. I did n=
ot remove the oil pump or anything--did replace front and rear main seals. =
 The head gasket is the upgraded metal S6 piece--and b/c the head has 2 stu=
ds, the gasket has 2 holes--I know it's on right.

Any other tests I can do to see if the gauge is malfunctioning?  What test =
can I do to see if there really is oil pressure?  I was thinking unbolt the=
 turbo oil feed line--put the end into a container, (or in a hose leading t=
o a container)--see if oil pumps out????

Thanks very much.

If you are inclined feel free to call me with advice  720-373-4043.  Thats =
my cell- feel free to call collect (assuming the cell phone accepts collect=
??)-although I'll be unavailable for a couple hours now.

Again--thanks in advance!!!



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