Parking Brake Cable Adjustment

Steve Sherman spsherm at
Sun Jun 15 23:23:31 EDT 2003

After reading all the post recently, and in the archives, it seemed a
long shot that my parking brake problems (lack of grip even when the
lever was all the way up) could be solved by adjusting the cables.  Even
so, I lowered the exhaust and removed the sheild and took a look in
there.  The adjuster had 1/2" of play on the threaded shaft, that is
that much movement before the cables started to move.  I tightened that
up until there was what a guessed to be just a couple of threads of
free-play.  Been driving for a week with this fix, and the PB problems
seem to be solved; and no signs of rear brakes sticking on.

The cables look fairly new, so the only thing that make sense is that
whoever put the new cables in never adjusted the cables correctly.
 Either that or there was recently a plastic part that cracked in the PB
lever mechanism giving alot more travel to the threaded rod, or the
adjusting nut moved back on the rod.

Perhaps this was the exception, but tightening the cables seem to work
for me.....

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