clicking noise behind the driver's side kick panel

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Mon Jun 16 03:54:34 EDT 2003

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So I was gonna guess seat heater, but in "cruising" the "Family album" (on
line, of course).
853 919 562 comes up as a '91 200 20V switch - altitude corrector.
Matches one of those numbers.

Model A20Q Yr :91 MG: 9 SG: 05 illus: 155 - 30
-Scott in BOSTON

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> I posted a question about a clicking noise behind the driver's side kick
> panel, hoping somebody has encountered this same thing, but got no response,
> so I tried to figure it out myself...Long story short, I can see the part
> that makes the noise, but still do not know what it is. It is a Bosch
> electrical piece with 3 wires coming in from the bottom: (solid red, Green
> with Black strip, and grey with black strip) I have part numbers 0 280 101
> 001 or 853 919 562. I have the 3 Bentley manuals but don't can't find any
> referance to this piece. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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