dead battery this morning

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Mon Jun 16 01:42:36 EDT 2003

You assume incorrectly.  Time on hands no
excuse for wasting.  First assume problem
easier to confirm/repair: queen of spades'
limb for spanking unruly bambinis between
rock and hard place (dirty door switch in

Easy to remove and disassemble; use two
tiny screwdrivers to pry apart end of
housing where two small holes hold two
tabs in mating part.  Not easy to find
all small parts if allowed to jack-in-box;
on front lawn not do; may happen do do.

Maybe find inside little electron transfer
enabler coated with schmutz.  Remove shmutz
with deschmutzer.  Reassembly reverse of ...
Then much more better.  Plan to repeat
once-and-for-all solution once every 5-10
years.  If problem not much better, me fulla
do do ... shhhhh.

For mechanically declined or patience
challenged (temper endowed), item cheap
to replace; dealer have.

Send results,

Ben Therebefore

Gordy_Schesel at
Fri, 13 Jun 2003 10:27:29 -0500

... I have also left the lights on a time or two,
when the warning alarm has not been working.
Lately it has not been working.  It is an
intermittent thing, and I assume it is caused
by a bad electrical wire (?) in the wiring
harness to the driver's side door.  Both of my
Audis have this intermittent electrical problem,
and I think the time is right to get it fixed
once and for all.


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