Cooland Leak

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Jun 16 16:06:35 EDT 2003

Sounds like you're describing the Multifunction Temperature Sensor, which
is located a little ways closer to the firewall than the Afterrun
Temperature Sensor on the coolant manifold on the US driver side of the
engine, which I would generally call the left side of the engine.  I
presume that by right side, you are describing a position from standing in
front of the car????

If that sensor is leaking, it generally means it's failed internally, I

At 08:46 AM 06/16/2003 -0600, Lou.Martin at wrote:
>Greetings from a new '91 200q20v owner.
>I've just discovered a coolant leak which occurs after completing my commute
>home from work.  Looks like it happened at least once before without me
>detecting it.  I attempted to tighten the fitting but don't have the right
>sized wrench.  The leak occurs at the larger of 2  brass/bronze hex fittings
>attached to a coolant manifold on the right side of the cylinder head.
>There are several wires (4?) connected to the bottom of the fitting.  Please
>Monument, CO
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