[urq] AutoFrost?

Bill Bennett ur.quattro at verizon.net
Sun Jun 15 22:10:25 EDT 2003

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after visiting their website using that refrigerant in an URQ would be a BA=
D idea. URQ's use the mini York, the shaft seal materials are not compatibl=
e with that refrigerant R406A and it is flammable! not a good idea in a car=
, Kaboom! in a collision event! pay the piper and stay with R-12 or convert=
 to R-134a. Regards, Bill
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  From: Greg Johnson
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  Sent: Friday, June 13, 2003 9:39 PM
  Subject: [urq] AutoFrost?

  Have any of you successfully used AutoFrost instead of Freon?

  See www.autofrost.com

  TIA for your input.

  Greg J

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