Heat Caused Oddity?

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at attbi.com
Mon Jun 16 22:05:41 EDT 2003

Got in the 200 yesterday to run some errands with my Dad.  Started
immediately in the garage, no problems and off we went.  Got to Sears,
parked in a shaded garage, started again no problems.  Went to the
hardward store, parked outside in the sun.  Came out a half hour later,
car balked at starting and then would not hold an idle for the first few
minutes.  Everytime I took my foot off the gas to stop, it stalled --
about four times.  After I had completed the stop and go stuff and had
driven about a mile before we had to stop again, the stalling had gone

Got in the 200 this a.m. to go to work - no problems.   Left the work
parking garage at 11:00 to meet a client for lunch, no problems.  Parked
outside in the sun at Red Robin (saw a brand new silver A8 in the
parking lot - it looks much better in person) for about an hour. Car
balked at starting, would not hold an idle, and stalled several times
during the stop and go I had to transverse before getting on the
freeway.   When I got off the freeway, the problem was gone.  When I got
back in to drive home (parked in the work garage again), it started
right up and there were no problems.

OK, so what is it about parking outside in the direct sun?  Have I
spoiled this car by garage parking it all the time?  What needs to be
checked?  Any BTDT's.

TIA for your collective help and wisdom.

Greg J

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