UFO Caliper rebuild

Brian Link BrianL at starsys.com
Tue Jun 17 11:31:54 EDT 2003

Thanks Bernie, if I can get a new boot from the dealer and it is a
straight forward job I will rebuild them. Any special tools or lubes?

Totally joking about the paint and chrome. My car is probablly one of
the dirteist 20v on the list.  All go and no show I guess.

Brian Link
Boulder, CO

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If you wish to paint them, sand blast the exterior of both the caliper
carrier to bare metal before disassembling the caliper.  The SB will not
touch the rubber boots and will keep the sand out.  Rebuilts, not me,
I rebuild them.  Except for replacing the torn boot, you do not need
kits.  All parts are reuseable.  A dirty but straight forward job.

Plating of rotors, cad is better than chrome, is for corrosion
only of the non contact surfaces.  To be effective, they must be sand
blasted absolutely to bare metal everywhere you expect plating to stick,
the internal cooling passages are impossible.  You're not in the rust
so forget it!  Don't consider having your UFO's turned, and don't pay
attention to the min wear spec. unless you have a fat wallet.


> From: "Brian Link" <BrianL at starsys.com>
> Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 09:29:54 -0600
> To: <200q20v at audifans.com>
> Subject: UFO Caliper rebuild
> Guys,
> Looking for the directions on the UFO rebuild.  On my beloved UFO's
> of the dust boots is torn and both could use a little cleaning and
> lubing.  Are there detailed directions?  Also are rebuild kits (for
> dust boot) available?
> A local auto Zone has rebuilt calipers for cheap, any BTDT?   I would
> rather re-build mine if I have the time.
> Maybe if I can swing some red paint for the calipers, I will chrome
> rotors for the "bling bling" 1991 200 20V!!
> Thanks
> Brian Link
> Boulder, CO

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