[urq] no oil pressure??

Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Tue Jun 17 20:08:50 EDT 2003

>the VDO dual sender that I was previously using.  Upon cranking, the >gauge is showing no oil pressure buildup at all.

Depending where you take your power for the gauge it may be a case of power outage to the gauge itself (power reduction relay or something like that) cuts the power to gauges and other stuff like radio/lights etc.

>pressure sender/switch.  It showed the switch (single ouput) on the >upper fitting and the sender (dual) on the lower fitting.  This motor >had them swapped.  I don't see how that could matter--thoughts?

No difference, same oil gallery.

>Any other tests I can do to see if the gauge is malfunctioning?  What >test can I do to see if there really is oil pressure?  I was thinking >unbolt the turbo oil feed line--put the end into a container, (or in a >hose leading to a container)--see if oil pumps out????

Remove the gauge and see how much oil is gushing out.
If lot's, you probably have oil pressure.
If trickle, I might be worried it's that one way valve.

Martin Pajak

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