MFTS was:Dies With Clunking Sound!

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Thu Jun 19 00:51:03 EDT 2003

I'm not sure about your running problem, but with respect to your MFTS.
I don't think it is possible to fry the MFTS by shorting something.  And
certainly not the after-run switch.
Doesn't the after-run switch just close to ground when activated, anyway?

BTW. The only time I disconnect the battery is when working with something
that is un-fused like the starter or alternator.
I also like to disconnect it when working with the fuel pump.  It is fused,
but gas and sparks are a little more excitement than I need.

Mike Sylvester

Mike Sylvester
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It was one of the hottest days today.
I was coming back home from the mall with a 100 lb or more wine
refrigerator in the back seat. This was a 3 mile trip.
Almost home I went to shift and it was like it didn't want to go into
gear and the engine lost power like it wanted to die.
I barely made it home and got it in the garage.
It starts up but dies after a couple minutes. The engine looks like its
and I hear a clunking sound which sounds like it is coming from the
The oil is fine and full.
The hydraulic fluid is very low.
I was getting ready to install a new VDO MFTS switch as the other new
one got fried last week when I touched a screwdriver to the afterrun
switch next to it. Always disconnect the battery. Duh.
The radiator fan is blowing full force but the afterrun has not been
working which needs the new switch.
No coolant leakage.
Give me the bad news.
What is your much valued opinion.

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