Toasted 02?

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Thu Jun 19 13:53:54 EDT 2003

Still sorting my 200 avant, thanks for the MM hose suggestions, I expect to
be back in business soon.
I have recently run some fuel injector cleaner through the system "just
because"  I was getting spot on sticker mileage, `18 if all city and 24 if
all highway.  After the FI cleaner I bumped up to 25.  I figured if a little
is good, more is better.  2 tanks later I did it again and started getting
intermittant to 1/2 hr lighting of the check engine light.  Car is outwardly
running fine, boost fine, temps fine and now getting ~27MPG highway.  I
haven't yet put together my LED code puller, got the parts yesterday.
Also my trip computer mileage is way off, low, from actual and I have
already biased the readout as far as possible via internal cluster settings,
any ideas?

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