Toasted 02?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Jun 19 11:05:26 EDT 2003

At 12:53 PM +0000 6/19/03, Mike Del Tergo wrote:
>Still sorting my 200 avant, thanks for the MM hose suggestions, I expect to
>be back in business soon.
>I have recently run some fuel injector cleaner through the system "just
>because"  I was getting spot on sticker mileage, `18 if all city and 24 if
>all highway.  After the FI cleaner I bumped up to 25.  I figured if a little
>is good, more is better.  2 tanks later I did it again and started getting
>intermittant to 1/2 hr lighting of the check engine light.  Car is outwardly
>running fine, boost fine, temps fine and now getting ~27MPG highway.  I
>haven't yet put together my LED code puller, got the parts yesterday.
>Also my trip computer mileage is way off, low, from actual and I have
>already biased the readout as far as possible via internal cluster settings,
>any ideas?

I wouldn't go after the O2 sensor until you have solid evidence (an
ECU code, or the most common symptom which is slight engine
surging--felt while driving at light, constant throttle).

As to the computer mpg--are you certain you adjusted the switches in
the right direction? The +15% to -15% adjustment range refers to the
fuel _consumption_ factor, not the computer's mpg (output) reading.
So if your computer had been showing an mpg that was too low, the
fuel consumption factor needed to be reduced. That might explain your
situation (BTDT). If not that, then I'm outa ideas.


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