manual for 1991 200q20v

Henry A Harper III hah at
Fri Jun 20 09:20:53 EDT 2003

Nothing really compares to the Bentley, it is the official factory manual.
There are probably a few on ebay which should be cheapest, direct from or through lister Chris Miller's site (he works for Bentley)

I think that the CD offered for our cars differs in content from the paper
manual (I only have the paper) in that it is the dealer service fiche; but
I can't imagine that it requires anything that is not included on the CD to
print pages.

Hnery Harper hah at
1991 200 quattro, 119.9k
1988 GTI 16v, 236k

On Friday, June 20, 2003 7:52 AM, Lou.Martin at
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> What's the best manual and where's the best place to get one?  Do I need
> special software/equipment to read/print pages from the Bentley CD?  Am I
> better off with the 3-volume hardcopy?
> Thanks,

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