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IMO, you want the 3-volume hardcopy...

I have the 3-vol hardcopy for my '91 200q (C3)
I have used the older CD-ROM for the '92-97 100/A6/S4/S6 (C4)

Hardcopy is by far easier to use--easier to find things, easier to browse,
easier to everything.
Caveat:  I understand the newer version of the CD-ROMs are easier to use
Caveat 2:  I don't know what quality differences there will be between the C3
and C4 CD-ROMs

Finally, I note from the Bentley site the CD-ROMs for our cars do not include
wiring diagrams.

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> What's the best manual and where's the best place to get one?
>  Do I need any special software/equipment to read/print pages
> from the Bentley CD?  Am I better off with the 3-volume hardcopy?
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