heads-up on handbrake cable mislabelling

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Jun 20 18:18:08 EDT 2003

I recently received packages of GEMO (oem) handbrake cables that had
the correct label and p/n (441 609 721B/722B) for the '91 200q20V,
but inside were the *wrong* cables (wrong in both packages). These
"wrong" cables have a pair of rubber grommets (near the middle)
instead of the thick *block* of rubber that our model uses for
mounting. I imagine the lengths probably were incorrect as well, but
I didn't bother to check that aspect.

I had examined the packages only to the extent of reading the labels
and p/numbers, and it wasn't until installation time (at Art Mayhew's
shop) that it was discovered I had brought the wrong parts--much to
my chagrin. Fortunately, Art had the right cables in stock (I had
assumed he didn't), and so the error caused no delay or extra
expense. My cables had been ordered from TPC, and Rod is "making
good" on it, of course. I don't know if GEMO has shipped many (or
any) other such mislabelled brake cables, but I thought I'd mention
this instance--to alert any listers who are planning to buy cables.


Phil Rose				Rochester, NY USA
'91 200q	(139K, Lago blue)
'91 200q   (64K, Tornado red)			mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net

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