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IMHO, the Bose converters do not do a good job with the Bose
units of your car.

If you go through ebay and some mail-order sources, you can
put together a nice budget system, but I don't know how close
you'll get to $500- you'll need a head unit and front speakers
at the bare minimum.

email me directly if you want to air out some ideas.


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Hello listers,

I'm considering replacing my Bose setup - which, amazingly enough, works
fine, and has even had the recent factory mod installed.  I'd like a
nice 4 channel CD player, and a local stereo shop said there is some
kind of intermediate electronic unit (I assume it's some kind of preamp
or converter) designed for Bose systems, that goes between the Bose
speaker setup and the new head unit - costs around $60 - they claim to
have installed it in some other card with Bose setups and say it works
pretty well.  They also offer to run all new speaker wire and bypass the
Bose wiring setup altogether, at a much higher cost.

Any opinions?  I don't want to spend a fortune on this upgrade - under
$500 for sure - suggestions?  BTDT?


Steve R.
91 200q20v

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