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Fri Jun 20 20:33:48 EDT 2003

Unless you have a fat wallet that needs thinning, no reason for new wiring.
Use a Blaupunkt head unit if possible, inasmuch as it has the same
connectors as the Audi head unit.  only a pin or two location need be
changed, no interface harness needed.  I will fwd my old post about the only
"right" power source for the head unit.  Lastly, if you want it done right,


> From: "Steve Rissler" <steve at>
> Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 18:26:16 -0700
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> Subject: Audio system suggestions
> Hello listers,
> I'm considering replacing my Bose setup - which, amazingly enough, works
> fine, and has even had the recent factory mod installed.  I'd like a
> nice 4 channel CD player, and a local stereo shop said there is some
> kind of intermediate electronic unit (I assume it's some kind of preamp
> or converter) designed for Bose systems, that goes between the Bose
> speaker setup and the new head unit - costs around $60 - they claim to
> have installed it in some other card with Bose setups and say it works
> pretty well.  They also offer to run all new speaker wire and bypass the
> Bose wiring setup altogether, at a much higher cost.
> Any opinions?  I don't want to spend a fortune on this upgrade - under
> $500 for sure - suggestions?  BTDT?
> Thanks
> Steve R.
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