Bucking Bronco (was: HELLLLLP! Sudden odd symptom)

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 22 02:33:08 EDT 2003

Thanks for the ideas, Gary and Doyt.  Plugs were
all identically blackened from running too rich
but the electrode tips were clean.  I displayed
the error codes today (thanks for the tip, Phil)
and got:  2324  Air Mass Sensor
          2341  O2 Sensor
          2322  Intake Air Temp Sensor

The O2 and intake-air-temp sensors tested OK
but the AMS may be the problem.  The wiring
to it tests OK and there's no added resistance
between pins 1 & 2 (per Bentley p. 24-160-3)
but with the ignition on I only got 0.21 V
between pins 1 & 3 (should be 1.2 - 1.5) so
that's where I'll pick up tomorrow.

Aren't AMS's reeeal expensive?

Imagining a lighter wallet,


--- Scalmanini Steve <sscalmanini at yahoo.com> wrote:

The fuel filter was replaced 6K miles ago in the
180K tuneup and since the engine ran at 3-4K rpm
when the problem first occurred Thursday I figure
it's something else.

Yesterday I replaced the O2 sensor, rotor & cap,
and checked the plug & coil wires.  Afterward it
ran better (idles smoothly, accelerates under load
OK if done slowly, doesn't die when I let off the
accelerator although drops sometimes to ~ 400 rpm)
but if I try to accelerate normally under load,
or any faster, whoa!  Immediately coughs, chokes,
misses, sputters, and then, after maybe 2 seconds,
starts bucking so hard that I don't dare let it

Today I plan to finally make a code display lamp
and read them for the first time (' never had to
before in the 8 years I've owned it) since the
check-engine lamp is on constantly now.  And
check the plugs (never heard of one dying, but
one dead cylinder might cause this).

Thanks for the suggestion,



Did you think of the fuel filter? Might be plugged.


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