Running again! Thanks Scott

BriceW at BriceW at
Sun Jun 22 05:49:38 EDT 2003

I am running again! Scott Mockry diagnosed vacuum or turbo hoses. I
found the turbo bypass valve hose broken in half in the middle and a big
rip in the idle stabilzation valve hose. I ended up by replacing all the
vacuum hoses.
The 4411 code I was getting was getting was only an output code. I have
finally learned to do this. I am not electrically oriented and cant
really read an electrical diagram. If I appears to be a bad switch or
relay, I just replace it. OM is Hindu or Buddhist to me.
In checking all of this I discovered that I had the wrong spark plugs
with the 3 electrode and need to get the Bosch F5DPOR. I also found a
lot of oil in the in the first 2 plugs. Need to do the valve cover
gasket. I might as well do the gasket, plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor
all at once. And also do the coolant manifold gasket and rings at the
same time.
The turbo bypass valve looked O.K. I cleaned it and the rubber inside
was not torn or degraded and pushed it in and out and it seemed to be
working fine.

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