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Phil Rose pjrose at
Sun Jun 22 13:50:08 EDT 2003

At 7:22 AM -0700 6/22/03, CL Wong wrote:
>If it's been 4+ years and you haven't replaced your
>BPV (or DV - diverter valve) it's likely time to
>consider it a candidate for replacement.
>Sometimes they rip with age, sometime they don't.
>Failure can be gradual and you won't notice it until
>you put in a new one and feel the difference in
>reduced turbo-lag.

I agree. The necessary BPV test is to apply _both_ vacuum and
pressure at the small hose nipple and to verify that the valve holds
under each condition. The "rip" that Chi mentioned may allow the
valve to pass a pressure check, yet cause it to fail in vaccum mode
(or even vice-versa). The BPV has to pass _both_ tests to be
considered OK. The more serious problem is failure under vacuum since
this means the valve probably isn't working at all. Naturally if it
fails the pressure test, it means that you're losing some boost


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