A/C trivia

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Jun 23 00:13:43 EDT 2003

First the good news: My long-suffering spouse has driven the
new-to-her red '91 200q for 18 months without a functioning A/C, but
we finally got it going very nicely with an R-134 conversion. Man
does that A/C now blow icy coooold. Just in time for the first 80
degree day of this month.

The bad news: I thought (rather smugly) that my Lago '91 200q had a
good working A/C. But after driving Judy's new R-134 ice machine I
realize that my old freon system is actually working rather feably
and doesn't come close to a freshly charged R-134 system. I guess
it's perhaps time for me to abandon Freon-12 and look into having the
conversion done.

And now for the _real_ trivia: Ever since owning the red '91 200q
(with its non-functioning A/C)--I have tried but repeatedly been
unable to get CC channel 11 to give a meaningful readout of charging
voltage. It consistently produced a steady, exact 12.0V. Always. I've
rechecked this dozens of times. No one has been able to explain why
this happens, although I've been told it is not uncommon. But listen
to this: soon after the A/C began working again (see above), I find
that the CC channel 11 has started to give the correct (or at least a
normal fuctuating) output. A coincidence? Dunno. Anyone know of a
connection between CC channel 11 lock-up and A/C (mal)function?


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