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True under prolonged high heat in the presence of quite a lot of oxygen R12
can be converted (in VERY small amounts) into a phosgene-like
chemical.  R12 will not "burn" in the ordinary sense one  sees when
combustion occurs.  The heat must come from something else which is
burning, not from combustion of the R12 itself.  The process is a slow
process.  If you are in a situation where any significant amount (enough to
cause you health problems through acute exposure) will be formed through
conversion of R12  you are likely already dead from your burns.  A trace of
phosgene is certainly far less of a hazard than a face full of flames from
burning refrigerant or burning gasoline.

My recommendation:  Use the R134a originally used in your car or convert
your R12 car to use R134a or properly maintain your R12 car so that leaks
are forestalled by preventive maintenance.  Use of flammable refrigerant
when non-flammable ones are available is, IMO, simply foolish and a false

At 11:26 PM 6/22/2003 -0400, Mark Strangways wrote:

>One thing to add here.
>I know R-12 forms a deadly poison gas when it comes into contact with open
>So, turn the A/C off prior to getting into that multicar accident !

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