battery maintenance, a BS thread.

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Right Bernie...

and those of those of us in the rust belt who use seat heaters should turn them off?

bad, bad, advice...
If you don't have the money to afford the maintenance on an Audi, don't buy one.

Putting a battery that is intended to vent to atmosphere in a closed in environment is a really dumb way to save money.  Champion batteries can be had for cheap money at Sam's outlets as well as batteries from Walmart, that come with the proper vent.


At 05:49 AM 6/23/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Steve and Brett, a contrain opinion on this BS!
>What do you think need be vented with a battery vent hose?   Only if a
>battery is severely overcharged, doing so will decompose water into hydrogen
>and oxygen in the right ratio to recombine into water if ignited with a
>spark/flame before sufficient dillution into the atmosphere to lower than
>flash point level.  Better to ban all hot rear seat activity!  Short of
>that, and inasmuch as overcharging is a very rare regulator failure mode, O2
>and H2 are independantly nontoxic and noncorrosive gasses.  IMO there is no
>need for a vent tube, unless you are a for hire wrenching firm overly
>concerned with the insurance liability aspects of not following factory
>parts sales policy.  I never replace with a vented battery because of the
>limited application and resultant higher cost.  Bought last one from

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