Hydraulic Pumps and Castrol Engine Clean

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 23 21:22:22 EDT 2003

I've been busy, so shoot me.  Actually, what I'm trying to say is this is a
followup to my posted question on rebuilding the hyd. pump.  Got the pump
back in the car, and I've got to say this up there with one my least
favorite jobs.  That pentosin is a messy sob!  Give me a timing belt any

I wound up using all of the o-rings and seals that came with the kit, and
though Bernie banished the thought, used Pentosin as lube.  Unless this is a
time delayed pinch effect, no problems.  IE, no current leaks.

What I learned:

-  All drag link sockets are created equally wrong for this job, so no use
in trying to build a better bomb. Just modify as best you can.
-  A hammered impact wrench would be a real wise thing to have around in
completing this project.  Come to think of it, so would a bench and a vice.
Sitting in the side lawn does not this job complete.
-  Bentley actually has a write up on the procedure.
-  There's got to be a better way to prime the pump short of Bentley's prime
before install idea.  How fun is it to install a pump full of Pentosin in
this car while all of the Pentosin drains all over your engine bay?  None at
all, that's how much fun it is!
-  I should be able to see as well with my fingertips as with my eyes.
-  Steering feel is better now than it was before; much less sawing required
to hold a line on long, freeway sweepers.  (I was very surprised by this).

That's it.  Read it and weep.  And on the Castrol stuff, be careful using
this to clean your engine!  It takes the finish off of the metals in the
engine bay.  It says to spot test on the bottle.  Yep, should have.  So, now
missing glossy finish on the intake tube and the chromish finish on the
bracket for the coil on the firewall, and it dulled the valve cover and
intake manifold finishes.

...and, the lower auxilary cooler line is a great place to hook up a garden
hose to flush the cooling system on this car.  Perfect fit.

Derek P

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