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There are other places you can get the parts.

In the US, you might consider contacting Ned Ritchie at Intended
Acceleration,  http://www.intendedacceleration.com , for both chips and some
of the parts (i.e. I don't know what an S2 would have come with for an
exhaust manifold, but most of the modified US UrS4/6's (AAN engines) often
start with an exhaust manifold change.)  Ned has (or had) his own exhaust
manifold casting done, similar to the RS2 version but, I think with a more
vestal (slightly larger) mounting flange done.   Scott Mockery
http://www.sjmautotechnik.com is also a chip source alternative, and Mihnea
Cotet (Mihnea Cotet [mik at info.fundp.ac.be]) in Europe, usually more often
found on the mother list or 20valve list, is also in the chip tuning
business.  Others, perhaps less well known, but so far as I know reputably
good would include TS Tuning in Germany http://www.ts-tuning.net/index.htm
(can probably supply both chips & various parts, cam, FI, manifolds etc.)
There are still others.  General consensus from my readings (& some
experience) is to stay away from TAP in Florida.  If you have better access
to European parts, I believe Hoppens stages are basically MTM product, so
you could try going directly to the source in Germany, MTM.

In the US, the UrS4/6 used a different exhaust cam.  Many of the modified
cars in the US will change out the exhaust cam for a "RS2" spec. version; or
some go with a cheaper, but not exactly the same spec's as the RS2, higher
lift 7A exhaust cam.  A few even go with a complete, both intake & exhaust,
7A engine cam change over.  I think your S2 uses a ABY or is it ADU engine
designation?  You may want to try to get some one to pull the ETKA part
numbers for the cams, and for that matter some of the other parts like the
MAF and FIs to see what, if any thing, they match up to out of the RS2 parts

You will probably want RS2 fuel injectors, or an equivalent, again depending
on what an S2 comes with for stock injectors.  FWIW, the Bosch RS2's have
been measured as delivering @ 360 cc/min at a fixed 3 bar of fuel pressure.
The UrS4/6 injectors have been sent to the same facility, and reported to
deliver @ 280 cc/min at the same 3 bar test pressure.  While you are at it,
you might want to try to check what your S2 engine uses for its operating
fuel pressure range.  IIRC, the AAN uses a rising rate range of starting @ 4
(?) bar rising up to xx bar, whereas I think the RS2 fuel pressure regulator
starts out slightly lower, maybe 3.2 bar or something like this and rises to
a max of ??.  Perhaps some others on the list can chime in with the correct

You may also want to do the RS2 Mass Air Flow sensor, depending on what your
S2 came with stock.  Politically correct list lore would suggest that you
consider making sure your chip supplier is aware of, and will tell you that
the chips you get are matched to the (a) fuel injectors, and (b) MAF you
chose to run.  You can then do some minor adjustments by playing with the
fuel pressure.

You may also want to take a look at your "down pipe" situation in the S2.
That's another one of the "early" mods made to many of the UrS4/6 cars on
their way to the 320 bhp stage.

Another resource, if you haven't found them already is the "Krummer" group
on Yahoo, audi20V_Kruemmer at yahoogroups.com,


Mike Pederson

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~Hi All, I am considering upgrading my Stock 1995 S2 with 50K miles
~(actually 80 000Km in South Africa) to the RS2 inlet manifold, Turbo and
~MTM ECU Mod and 3bar sensor. I have asked Hoppen but they do not have
~Kits for the S2 ( I'm told Audi punished the US by not making it
~available there).  Will the S4/S6 stage3 320HP kit work or is there
~other places in the UK or Europe that I can purchase a kit from. I would
~appreciate any suggestions and help on this.

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